Highway Tunnels of Northern California

The northern half of California has quite a few tunnels. Most were constructed before 1950, with the newest tunnel being an addition to an existing set in 2013. These pages will cover all the tunnels on any roadway throughout the region sorted by mountain range and area.

San Francisco Bay Area

State Highways:

  • Caldecott Tunnels (State 24)
  • Yerba Buena Island Tunnel (I-80)
  • Presidio Tunnel (State 1)
  • Devils Slide Tunnel (State 1)
  • Waldo Tunnel (US 101 / State 1)
  • Alameda Tubes (State 260)

Local Roads:

  • Broadway Tunnel (San Francisco)
  • Stockton Street Tunnel (San Francisco)
  • Sutter-Solano Tunnel (Berkeley)
  • Garrard Blvd Tunnel (Pt Richmond)
  • Barry-Baker Tunnel (Marin County)

Sierra Nevada Mountains:

State Highways:

  • Grizzly Dome Tunnels (State 70)

Local Roads:

Newcastle Tunnel – Taylor Road (Newcastle)

Klamath Mountains:

  • Collier Tunnel (US 97)

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